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Your one-stop drum solution

Do you need drums on your song? I can arrange, record and even mix drums, so that they'll fit right in to your project. Whether you have a specific drum sound and playing style in mind or want to leave some of the creative decisions to me, I'm sure I can deliver top-class drum tracks for your song/EP/album.

I have 20 years of drumming experience, 12 of them as recording/touring drummer. I've appeared on many studio recordings and played countless concerts with my three bands Svartsot(ex), Isbjörg and Situationsfornærmelse along with a long list of session-gigs. I have my roots in rock and metal but throughout the years I've become more groove-oriented with emphasis on on technique and flow. In most genres, I am positive that I can provide drum tracks that compliment your music and bring the drive that makes the song move.

I've engineered, mixed, mastered and played the drums on all tracks in the video above.

A typical online-session will start out with a thorough discussion about the vision and goal for the track(s). After that you'll send me som drumless demos along with some notes including bpm and any specific requests for the sound/style. I'll then record a series of takes and send my favorite one your way and await your feedback. If something needs changing, I'll search the other takes or record new ones. We'll go on like this until you're completely satisfied with the tracks. I'll often start off by making a basic drum track with virtual midi-drums so that we can hone in on the style before recording. 

You're of course more than welcome to attend the sessions. This will greatly simplify the communication and speed up the process.

If you're interested in hearing more and get a non-binding quote, scroll down to the contact section and tell me about your project. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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