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Mixing is the process of combining multiple audio tracks and recordings into one single stereo track. It is a highly creative process where the levels, frequencies, dynamics and “vibe” of the individual tracks as well as groups of tracks are manipulated and tailored to the song's potential and artist's vision .  ​

The video shows the transformation that happens from the raw recordings to the finished production. The overall sound gets clearer and bigger, while the different elements in the mix find their place and work together to create a coherent and balanced sonic picture.

I offer mixing at an affordable price as well as a free test mix, so you can hear what difference I can make to your recordings. If you're recording yourselves, I'll be happy to provide guidance and help throughout the process - no strings attached. On the Info/downloads page you can find extensive guides covering how optimize your own recordings and best prepare your files before sending them off to mixing.

Drop me a line here if you want to hear more or have a chat about your plans. 


Mixing is a very creative process and every mixing engineer has their own unique sound and approach, so in order for us to know if we're a "match", I offer to do a free test mix of a portion of one of your songs before we commit to each other. If you like the direction I've taken, we close the deal and work together on the project. If you do not like it, you keep all your money and find another engineer who matches your style better.

Free test mix

How much does it cost?

It depends on the type and scale of the project. Tell me about your project and I'll give you a personally tailored quote.

How long does it take before we receive the mix?

I'll typically have the first mix ready within two weeks. Be sure to tell me about specific deadlines early on and I'll work around those.

How do we send you the multitracks for mixing?

Check out the Info/downloads page where you can see guides on how to prepare the tracks and send them to me.

We have more questions - where can we find the answers?

 Don't hesitate contacting me. Furthermore you can download PDF's with additional info and help on the Info/downloads page.

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