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Frederik Uglebjerg recording studio musik producer lydtekniker lydstudie musikstudie aarhus århus danmark
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My name is Frederik Uglebjerg and I'm a producer and sound engineer working mostly with rock, metal and alternative genres.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark.

I love music. Every single aspect of it. From the artistic sides of writing, composing and performing to the technical part of recording, producing and mixing. I surround myself with music everyday and have been doing so my entire life. To me, the technical and artistic sides of creating music are very much connected throughout the entire process. Whenever I record, mix or master, staying true to the artist's vision and the song's sonic potential is always the main focus.  

As the drummer in the bands Svartsot(ex), Isbjörg and Situationsfornærmelse I have traveled around the world playing everything from small bars to big concert halls and festivals. I know what it's like to live and breathe music and how much blood, sweat and tears are put into every single track - both on and off stage.

It's a big responsibility for a producer and engineer to capture the artist's vision, and it's incredibly important to me, that you as an artist feel comfortable when handing me this responsibility. That's why I offer a free test mix or free test master, so that you can hear my approach to your specific song / EP / album before we commit to each other.  

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