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Recording music is more than just setting up a microphone in front of an instrument. It's about getting the sound just right every step of the way from the source to the computer. Selection, tuning and placement of the instrument, choosing the right microphones and preamps for the job, and creating the right environment for the musician to deliver their absolute best are all crucial steps in achieving the best possible recordings.

I work out of Monoroma Studios in Aarhus, Denmark. The studio has a nice, big live room, suitable for any recording imaginable as well as a great selection of high end microphones and hardware. Click here to check out the studio's facilities.


Mixing is the process of combining multiple audio tracks and recordings into one single stereo track. It is a highly creative process where the levels, frequencies, dynamics and “vibe” of the individual tracks as well as groups of tracks are manipulated and tailored to the song and artist’s vision. 

I offer mixing at an affordable price including unlimited free revisions as well as a free test-mix, so you can hear what difference I can make to your recordings. Drop me a line here to get the process started. 

Mastering is the final step in audio production. In this phase, the overall volume is raised and the final dynamic and tonal tweaks are made to ensure consistency between the individual songs in the project as well as between different speaker systems.

Mastering is also about preparing the recording for the final medium. I offer mastering for multiple mediums such as streaming, CD’s and vinyls at no extra cost. This includes unlimited revisions and a free test-master, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a mix that needs the final touch and another set of ears before it is released to the world. 



DMF & DAF Uglebjerg

1.600 DKK | 215 EUR /day


ORA Uglebjerg

1.000 DKK | 134 EUR /song


KODA Uglebjerg

300 DKK | 40 EUR /song

The rates above are merely guidelines. Each artist, band, genre, song, album, etc. is unique, so contact me and tell me about your project for a tailored quote. 

All prices are excl. VAT/moms


Frederik Uglebjerg producer music studio musikproducer

My name is Frederik Uglebjerg and I'm a Danish producer and sound engineer working mostly with rock, metal and alternative genres.

I love music. Every single aspect of it. From the artistic sides of writing, composing and performing to the technical part of recording, producing and mixing. I surround myself with music everyday and have been doing so my entire life. To me, the technical and artistic sides of creating music are very much connected throughout the entire process. Whenever I record, mix or master, staying true to the artistic vision is always the main focus. 

As the drummer in the bands Svartsot, Isbjörg and Situationsfornærmelse I have traveled around the world playing everything from small bars to big concert halls and festivals. I know what it’s like to live and breathe music and how much blood, sweat and tears are put into every single track – both on and off stage.

It’s a big responsibility for a producer and engineer to stay true to the artist’s vision, and it’s incredibly important to me, that you as an artist feel comfortable when handing me this responsibility. That’s why I offer both a free test-mix and/or test-master, so that you can hear my approach to your specific song/EP/album before we commit to each other. 




I work out of the newly renovated Monorama studio in Aarhus, Denmark. The studio is part of Mono - a rehearsal space community which houses all sorts of music related facilities and activities. When visiting the studio, you can grab a cup of coffee and eat a meal in the kictchen or hang out in one of the lounge areas whenever you're not busy recording.

The studio itself consists of a well-equipped and cozy control room and a spacious live room. 

Check out the photos above and read more about Mono on their website.


It can be quite a challenge to finance the production of an album, EP or single. On this page I have collected a few of the best fundraising options for Danish artists as well as a couple of links to helpful guides and lists of grants.

KODA Uglebjerg


KODA has several grants supporting bands and artists releasing music. The grants can cover costs related to producers, recording, mixing and mastering as well as hired musicians and production of vinyls and CD’s. You can read more about their grants here:

KODA Uglebjerg

DMF and DAF support numerous causes including the release of new music. Artists can apply for financial support to help cover the costs of recording, mixing and mastering. 

DMF Uglebjerg
DAF Uglebjerg
DMF & DAF Uglebjerg


ORA Uglebjerg

ORA usually don’t give financial support to artist’s own recordings and projects, but they have a great site (in Danish) with lots of info on how to apply for funding elsewhere. This includes a list of grants, a guide to fundraising and tips and tricks on what to put in your application.

ORA Uglebjerg



Please get in touch to request a quote, request a free test-mix/master or if you have any questions or other enquiries. I can't wait to hear about your project!

Thank you for getting in touch! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

*Free test-mix: Mixing is a very creative process and every mixer has their own unique sound and approach, so in order for you to know if we’re a “match”, I’ll do a free mix of a portion of one of your songs before we commit to each other. If you like the the direction I’ve taken, we close the deal and work together on the project until you’re 100% satisfied. If you don’t like it, you keep all your money and find another mixer.